Aftersales Service

Aftersales Service

Service principle:
First, service standardization: in strict accordance with international advanced CMMI 3 and IS09001 service management standards established;Two, service flow: Service in accordance with the provisions of the process, to ensure that each service link is not missing, effective control of the service process;Three, service initiative: regular / unscheduled telephone / on-site return visit, listen to user opinions, improve service content, supervision of service quality, and actively provide programs and suggestions, advance to customer thinking.


Service network layout
YONGTONG service network covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, have set up main service outlets in the regional center of the city, with theheadquarters command, pre-sale, sale of full-service security, customer service;

In the service period, if the customer on-site problems using customer service, by telephone and other technical support services are still unable to solve user problems,customer service processes to enter the field of support services, tassajc electromechanical will arrive at the construction site to the fastest speed, analysis of the reasons,troubleshooting, protection of customer delivery site running smoothly.

YONGTONG will provide on-site service for the project units effect fast, when marketing representatives received customer on-site service needs, quicklycontact the company headquarters management personnel customer service center, customer service center and the management personnel will transfer the customer to customer service and technical personnel and technical personnel corresponding to the engineering department, engineering department will arrive at the service area site fo the first time, to provide a field service response, solve problems as soon as possible, if the problem can be solved, field service technicians will feedback to the headquarters of the customer service center, on-site service is completed; if the problem is not resolved, field service technicians again the question of feedback to the customer service center, and the on-site service upgrade class two response services, customer service center immediately held production technical seminars, and sent the company Key technical personnel arrived at the construction site, after the completion of the problem processing, technical personnel to deal with the results returned to customer service centers, processing is completed.

We promise to try our best to solve the problem within the shortest time of customer service, customer site recovery production line operation or provide emergency strategy, customer service center will last all the records of customer service processing.


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